passed away

from by mudangel

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fennel seeds and chamomile grow like weeds
in the cracks
along every gutter of these streets
that flowin flashes of headlights
on the bone and ashes
of every life that i will never know
all the ghosts
that went before and sought refuge in the park
or explode in a hell bourne powder spark
as their immortal soul rips itself away from passion

hearts of gold and clay alike will all fall flaccid
as the dust and steel
bones and ash are gathered up
and thrown away into the water

tell me son, did you think about your daughter
as you dug the road less traveled?

where the immortal souls collect is not for me to know
was it you that told me so...
or did you forget my dear father

well who knows them now
even now we hold them in our hands and in our mouths

that thing inside
which is us for all time
we disregard with just a small intentions
because the mortal soul requires our full attention

chained to our fleshes whole
like a cistern in the basement
we stick our arms into the hole
because it wont accept our bodies
inside packages wrapped for us by others
full of fears and dreams and gods and blessings
and smells of molding earth and fire
and all our love deserving this frantic neglect

i am as dry as twigs and no one taught me why i fear sleep
can i be held responsible for the things i think
if i don't accept them


from traces, released November 24, 2010



all rights reserved


mudangel San Francisco, California

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