mother<your son is gone

from by mudangel

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i heard my momma cry but i cant take her by my side

oh momma
oh momma your son is gone

there is a mourning in the wires
and a demon stokes the gentry fires
mother did you think
that you would live to see the day
that your frozen kids were melted
melted down and running through the doorways of this town
the doorways of this town

this city is depleted
from the beats to the beaten
the whores outside of eden are chomping at the bit
to get a taste of you and me
a little bite of what's inside

oh... floods came early this year mother
there is nowhere left at all

oh momma your son is gone

the child was a dream made flesh
a counterpoint i guess to all the
plans and hopes and visions
hauntings and derisions
that play inside your head then sadly dissipate
into a whole you cannot take
into a role you cant relate too

your words were said in anger
and your boy became a stranger
like the god who
as a willing lamb crawled up on the cross
but the sacrifice was lost in a flood of bits and data
that really doesn't matter
to the boy outside in the streets
that traded your static god for a living breathing idol
that comes whenever you type its name

oh momma your son is gone

well your son is getting weaker
he is cheap and getting cheaper
and the creeps are getting creepier around here
momma your son is gone

he is a surrogate for everything you hoped and feared
oh momma i can feel your pain

oh momma your son is gone


from traces, released November 24, 2010



all rights reserved


mudangel San Francisco, California

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